Geek Volunteer Overseas Series

I wrote the following to share my experience as a VSO volunteer in Kenya. I wrote these for Kuro5hin.

Ramblings Series

Following is a selection of my attempts at creative writing. They are very culture specific. So you might not "get" some of the humour. Besides, all this stuff was written in the mid 1990's when I thought I had talent. ;-)

I started writing for fun. But after almost a year of writing I noticed that, though my writing style and english improved, my spirits was not doing that great. I seemed to be writing more and more depressing pieces. I stopped. I still dream about writing travelogues and humorous pieces. Maybe one of these days I will get the energy and discipline to put finger to keyboard.

If you liked these pieces, please drop me a line and let me know. It is very important to me to know that my work is entertaining to people.

Miscellaneous Rants

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