Rangaswamy Rajamanickam's Note :

I remember that this article started a mild flame war when it was originally posted. Please understand that this parody is not meant to offend anyone..

>>From: kavuri@cb.ecn.purdue.edu (Surya N Kavuri ) >>Subject: A-Telugu-song
>>Date: 5 Apr 89 05:10:03 GMT
>>Organization: Purdue University Engineering Computer Network

>>Here is a song by Ghantasala(from his private albums).

You can only visualize what "Ghantasala" is and how it might look like. This is actually a cuss word used in parts of Ludhiana district, Punjab.

>> Savor it while and if you can.
Eej my pleyyar! Savoring it, just as you suggested.

>> AA rajanikara mohana bimbamu

O, Ye bimbos Mohana and Rajni of Alcoholics Anonymous

>> nee nagumomu nu brolunate

I would like to marry you both and raise two families.

>> kolanulone nava kamala dalambulu

One of you likes Cologne, Camel lights and the other 'daal' and blue cheese. (Translator's note: Cologne is called Colognu in telugu)

>> nee nayanambula brolunate

But I am addicted to the bottle, brew and have gone lunatic.

>> Echata chuchina

And shittu, I am too chicken to ask you out.

>> echata vechina

or to commit polygamy

>> nee nayanambulave

And my mom is already interviewing some girls for me in India.

>> kanipinchunadi


>> Talaninda poodanda

.....the epistemological problems associated with such existential questions with ontological ramifications dealing with high-fibre cereals do not affect my ennui one iota...

>> dalchina rani

O, Ranis of Dalchini

>> molaka navvula toda

Now, out of luck, what will I to do?

>> muripimpa boke

This is too obscene to be translated; has words like 'pimp' etc.

>> Poola vanalu kuriyu moyiluvo

It is like an NTR movie with two heroines and five snakes.

>> mogali rekulaloni sogasuvo

So I'll just make love to you both in the inner sanctum of my mind.

                    >>  Translate it for every one to enjoy
                        Yes, I did and I enjoyed it too. Thanks.
                    >>  if you can.  .
                        My telugu is a little rusty; I might have
                        lost some in translation.

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