A brief history of Mahadevan Ramesh......

Mahadevan Ramesh or more correctly, Ramesh Mahadevan, was born several centuries ago to a very nervous set of parents - in a bat cave of a hospital, deep down in India. Papa Mahadevan was quite convinced that the hospital had given him the wrong baby and wanted to return the child and get his money back. It was the mom who persuaded the dad that they should hang on to the baby, because they might be able to dispose off the brat in the Garage Sale they were planning to have later that year. "We can always throw the baby with the bathwater" the mother assured the dad "Besides, we have a really good reason to raise this child - I think we will need someone in the house who knows how to program the VCR". While still in the hospital, the young baby already started winking and cooing at other female infants in the adjacent cribs and was occasionally caught pinching the bottoms of nurses. As a baby, Ramesh used to be dropped on the floor several times - head first - and present day Rameshologists attribute this to be the single major cause for his chronic goofballness.....

Name: Mahadevan Ramesh
Full Name: Pots
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