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    Having squandered his inheritance on large, pepperoni pizzas and unable to win any lotto jackpots, Ramesh finds himself doomed to a life of working to earn his daily beer. Ramesh is a renegade physicist, who realized early in the game that he ain't no Einstein and thus forayed into greener pastures such as computer hardware engineering. According to the latest reports, stunning as they may seem, he is still gainfully employed.

    Ramesh designs, develops and tests hard disk drives for PCs for the Maxtor Corporation. Early in 1996, Maxtor was acquired by Hyundai, the Korean behemoth. "Hyundai not only makes automobiles, but also runs banks, and even builds oil supertankers" said a beaming Ramesh "Heck, with employee discount, I can knock off a cool 75 million dollars from the price of one of those babies...."

    Ramesh's professional interests include disk drive design, Magnetic Recording, Magnetic Materials (design and process) and High Tech Manufacturing. Interestingly, Ramesh is also considered an expert in Corrosion, with loads of experience, although he is a little rusty on the Electrochemical Series etc. - get the pun ?!

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    Ramesh is the biggest wanderlust that there is, having raked in hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles and having been to all the fifty states of the USA. (and Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands)

    "Just last year alone, I had stayed in hotels so often that I no longer have that incredible urge to steal pens and stationery from hotel rooms." said a tired Ramesh "However, I still steal the soaps. And these days they even keep 'hand and body lotion' in the hotel rooms - I have succeeded in collecting a ton of these things and I don't know how to get rid of them. So, I have implemented a special Introductory offer to gift away these creams to my friends who visit me in Denver on a first come first creamed basis.....".

    Ramesh has made a huge number of videotapes to record his many travel exploits. However, in spite of inviting 'good' friends and providing them with sumptuous dinners, not many have volunteered to see them. So, if any of you is interested in seeing these masterpieces, please contact him. In turn, he promises to see your wedding videos and baby videos.

    Alaska is the most favorite place of Ramesh, although he thinks that he likes every place he has been to. "I have done crazy things like going from the Southernmost point in the USA to the Northernmost point in ten days or travel from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari in a week." says Ramesh " I have paid my dues to camping and adventure travel in India in the Himalayas. Now I won't go camping unless I get frequent flyer miles for it."

    Recommendations: The site I use for checking airfares, schedules etc. is Internet Travel Resources (ITN) . Favorite frequent flyer program Northwest and favorite airlines United and Delta.

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    Ramesh is a great enthusiast of Western Classical, Eastern Classical, Northern Classical, Southern Classical, You-name-it-Classical music. A big fan of Mendelssohn, Ramesh likes Nikhil Banerjee and M. L. Vasantakumari the most in Indian Classical. Although Ramesh has a voice like the Budweiser commercial frogs, (and a repertoire of little more than nursery rhymes) he learnt vocal Karnatic music under some famous Gurus who are probably regretting it to this day and may still be undergoing treatment for the stress and trauma due to that experience.

    Generally enthralled by any pleasant music, Ramesh is still awed by Mozart, Beatles and Ilayaraja. On an ambitious mission to popularize Indian classical music, Ramesh can be heard thrusting his musical fundamentals ('half-truths' ?) on the unsuspecting. If you are very interested, check out the primer he wrote, A Gentle Introduction to South Indian (Karnatic) Classical Music. Your comments are always welcome !

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    Ramesh is quasi-knowledgeable in several languages - Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Spanish and French - and Pascal, if that counts as a language. His fond ambition is to learn another exotic language and be featured in an IBM commercial.

    "More than the linguistic aspect itself, learning languages has sensitized me to different cultures and widened my world." said a serious Ramesh "It means getting a deeper appreciation for Thyagaraja songs or reading Pablo Neruda's poems and understanding his masterful use of conjugation or getting that feeling that I am half an Uttar Pradeshi."

    Quite awed by Latin American history and culture (and a big fan of Condorito comics) Ramesh thinks Mexican people are about the friendliest folks on earth - of course, based only on anecdotal evidence.

    Ramesh is also a major Francophile. "I am the world's biggest collector of fake French Impressionist paintings. If it is hawked on the sidewalks of Paris, I buy it. Being too cheap to custom-frame it, I frame it myself and occasionally find myself hanging from the wall, nailed to the picture. My living room now looks like the Louvre Museum - just as cavernous, dark and dingy." says Ramesh.

    "More than anything else, learning other languages helped me learn quite a bit of English grammar." Ramesh said. He has a collection of pieces written in 'funny English' excerpted from various sources. Here is a gem - a sample of 'Indian English', if you will.

    This is from the New Yorker, April 7, 1986. Enjoy!

    Sri Ganesh Ram & Co

    "Sree Rama Bhavan Buildings"

    193, Thambu Chetty Street

    Madras -- 600 001













    Wife: It is very difficult to prepare meals and go to Office. No reliable cook is available. Children are in a haste to go to school. I am terribly upset.

    Husband: Why worry? Sri Ganesh Ram's Dhideerex Dhideer Protein Rich Nutritious Sambar-Bath/Sadam and Rasam-Bath/ Sadam can be prepared in 20 minutes. In the pressure cooker arrange the bottom vessel with Rasam Bath Mix, above that in one vessel Sambar Bath/Sadam Mix and above that in another vessel Rice, and cook for 20 minutes. Now very tasty protein Rich Nutritious Dhideerex Sambar Bath, Rasam Bath and Cooked Rice is ready for Curd Bath and Puliyodharai Mix. Mix the cooked Rice with Curd-Curd Bath is ready. Mix cooked Rice with Sri ganesh Ram's Dhideerex Dhideer Rice Puliyodharai Extract. Tongue tasty Perumal Koil Puliyodharai is ready for noon lunch while in office and to the school children also. Get one bottle of Sri Ganesh Ram's Pickle Varieties Side dish for curd bath ready. Get Sri Ganesh Ram's Papads or Rice Crispies and fry in oil, side dish for Sambar and Rasam is ready. When you want a change get Sri Ganenh Ram's Pepper water paste and vathal Kuzhambu concentrate and mix with very hot water only, separately, in 2 tumblers. Milagu Rasam or Vathal Kuzhambu will be ready no sooner you mix it. Ah! Sri Ganesh Ram's Dhideerex Dhideer products are very useful to us and it is as is prepared for office going couples. One packet of Sambar Bath and one packet of Rasam bath is sufficient for 2 meals for a couple.

    Keep the balance after taking morning meals in a tiffin carrier and enjoy for night meals also after returning from Cinema or evening walk.

    Packing: One Packet contains 200 gm Nett Very moderately priced so that they may be at the easy reach of all.

    For people travelling in Super fast trains line Ganga Kaveri Express, Tamil nadu Express, etc. the above products are useful, handy, economical too.

    Very useful for Students/Bachelors residing in rooms. For People staying in Nursing home very useful. 1000W electric even is sufficient to cook.

    Advantageous to people on transfer to settle their family as soon as they reach the house in the transferred place and before arranging the cooking vessels. Why, it is useful to all in many ways and it is a MUST like instant Coffee, Horlicks, etc.

    With this let us presume Sri Ganesh Ram's produsts are highly indispensable to a family and it is a MUST in each family.

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    Stock Market

    Ramesh really believes there is money to be made in the upside-down, inside out, right side left world of stocks and bonds. Where obscene phrases like book-to-bill-ratio and Money Supply M2 confound straight thinking and a loud Alan Greenspan sneeze can lead to a market swing in billions of dollars.

    A confirmed Peter Lynchian, Ramesh is the type who kicks the car tires or goes to Price Club to 'feel the pulse of the people' and invests in the 'known'. Very bullish on Technology, Ramesh's current holdings include Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Compaq, Informix, Lucent, Xilinx, Schering Plough, Iomega and a host of others. Given the stochastic nature of the stock market, Ramesh really believes that there are no stock market experts - himself including (it is a thrill to do better than the so-called experts !). So, don't waste your time and money in any investment seminars or newsletters. Buy yourself a simple book on investment (such as Peter Lynch's 'Learn to Earn' or 'One up on Wall Street') and read about it. Do your own stock-picking.

    Favorite source of Wall Street stories is the Wall Street Journal on line. Also likes APL and Silicon Investor. Currently switching brokers from Fidelity to Lombard. I also subscribe to Individual Investor.

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    Ramesh is an ardent jogger doing nearly two to three miles a day except in the winters - even though he probably has the world's lousiest timing. Once a year he joins nearly thirty thousand others and runs in the Bolder Boulder 10 km high altitude race and comes almost dead last.

    "Things changed after I had a heart surgery to replace my defective heart valve" says Ramesh "Before that, I wasn't medically allowed to run. Now, I have this new-found freedom. Also, I want to show the rest of the folks that a heart surgery is not an end of the world, but a new beginning."

    Ramesh is not particularly hot on many other sports (including skiing). In fact, he detests things like bowling, fishing and Golf. "If golf can be considered a sport, then watching TV should also be considered a sport....."

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    Ramesh has the dubious honor of being the author of some of the pieces that circulate over the internet. In fact, for a full list of Articles written by Ramesh check out the site, courtesy Thaths.

    "For someone who likes to write, I hardly read anything. I am one of those neo-illiterates who don't even read newspapers. (like my friend said, I get my news purely from rumors) I don't even know who the good guys are in Bosnia."

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    Heart Healthiness

    Although I don't have much bandwidth left in life after the usual pursuits, I still want to devote time to promote heart healthiness and promote such lifestyle components as healthy eating, smoking cessation, exercising, controlling blood pressure and coping with stress. Check out the American Heart Association web site for details. I used to work as a volunteer for them and also in the local hospital with (mostly elderly) patients undergoing long term hospitalization.

    Also, I am currently involved in setting up a Charitable Fund for the Sundaram Medical Foundation Community Hospital, Chennai (Madras). It is called the Friends of Sundaram Medical Foundation - USA chapter. The money collected will be used to help poor people get cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment at subsidized rates and also to promote heart-healthiness in India.

    Life is too valuable and exciting to be robbed away by dumb lifestyles !

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    Ramesh is a weekend warrior in the kitchen.

    Ramesh loves to cook and it shows ! Most favorite cuisine, of course, is Indian of any region, followed by Thai. Dislikes French cooking in France with a passion. (except for their killer pastries) Thinks the taste isn't proportional to the hype.

    Here's a couple of my very favorite 'Quick and Dirty' recipes. I know people only collect recipes and cookbooks and they don't usually try out things, but.....

    (1) Quick Aloo Mattar:


    two potatoes cut in bite size cubes

    one cup peas, thawed

    one 6 Oz can of tomato paste

    8 Oz light whipping cream (Note: whipPING cream and whipPED cream are two different beasts)

    Pav Bhaji Masala (available in all Indian stores - remember, spice is the variety of life !)

    salt, oil etc.

    jeera (cumin seeds)

    coriander powder (optional)

    Procedure: Sauté the potatoes in two tablespoons of oil with a spoon of cumin seeds. When browned a little, add peas, whipping cream, tomato paste, salt (to taste), desired amount of water and let it simmer at medium low heat till it acquires an appealing brown 'curry' color. (Don't overheat, otherwise, it will taste like spaghetti sauce - if it tastes too 'tomatoey', you can add some more whipping cream) Add desired amount of pav bhaji masala, coriander powder (freshly roasted and ground cumin and coriander seeds - about a teaspoon of each will be great, but it is optional), simmer for a few more minutes.

    (2) Quick Mango Ice Cream


    12 Oz of Whipped Cream ('Cool Whip')

    12 Oz of Condensed Milk (This usually comes in 14 Oz cans, so you can lick away the remaining two ounces)

    14 to 16 Oz of Mango Pulp

    Mix all the three ingredients in a dish and refrigerate or freeze ! As a variation, you can use the 'low fat' or fat free versions of the condensed milk or whipped cream.

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    Miami Dolphins

    Ramesh is a crazy, crazy Miami Dolphins fan and still believes that one day they will win it all. He has Dolphins T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, underwear, credit card - ad nauseum - perhaps more Dolphins 'stuff' than some of the Dolphins players.

    Ramesh doesn't subscribe to any technical journals, but gets the Dolphins Digest. "I used to have a shrine for Don Shula and I consider it one of the biggest thrills of my life to have gone for a ride on the Don Shula Expressway in Miami" says the Dolfan Ramesh. Crazy, eh ?

    Although he doesn't watch TV for nine months in a year (except to catch an occasional episode of 'The Simpsons') come Fall, Ramesh plugs into the TV for twelve hours a day on football Sundays.

    "I firmly believe that American Football is the opiate of the masses and for me, it is very nearly a religion. Stop by, if you are football-friendly and happen to be in my 'ball park' around the SuperBowl time. You will enjoy my now-legendary Super Bowl party. Bring your own vocal chords !"

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