Madras - The Pombalai Perspective

Madras - The Pombalai Perspective.

After reading Ramesh Mahadevans amusing anecdotes about namba ooru, I had to add a few of my on experiences on my recent trip back home.

Did anyone notice that the number of cows has gone up in inverse proportion to the posters on city walls? Either that or Makkal have started respecting the ubiquitous faded white "Stick No Bills" signs on our neighbourhood walls. Somehow , I doubt that could happen

I was irritated to see a "Tirupati-like" Pay Rs.and you can go in (and out) faster queue"; in the Ashtalakshmi Temple. But with a squirming , struggling 2 1/2 yr old threatening to dislocate my hip,I am ashamed to admit that I damned my ethics and succumbed. How many of you had the NRI urge to 'get it over with and get away from the greedy priests and the milling crowds?"; Just checking.

On the subject of Gigantic Jaya , ..Was (un)fortunately in town for the Wedding Of The Century. What a stupendous spectacle! Puratchi Thalaivi and Pal Sasikala rivalled two Kerala Festival Elephants in size and jewellery.they waddled,wheezed,puffed and panted their way through the whole thing. Doctor friends of mine at Apollo Cardiology were waiting with bated breath for something ,anything to happen..even a mild stroke may have sufficed but no such excitement! Here,s what I think Puratchi Thalaiviyinaale daan Tamizhnaatle Varatchi. Idhu Eppadi Irukku?

Happily Nalli and Kumaran are the same, only more expensive.The latter has even added a hip contemporary clothes showroom right on the corner of Usman road .Alsa Mall is now old news. Everywhere there are malls and minimalls, and mall and mini-mall-like prices. A decent salwar kameez costs upwards of 2000 bucks. Thank God I finished college 67 years ago!

Grand Sweets And Snacks has competition from a T Nagar based Maami outfit calling itself Suswaad. Capitalism Vaazhga!!! The nicest part of course is being able to eat all the Bakshanams and simply sweating it off..voila just like that No Stairmaster, Slim-Fast or Susan Powter MmmmBliss..

A.R.Rahman should really stop getting his cretinous little nephew with the totally abaswaram tendency to squawk in all his songs.It seems to be becoming A trademark thing now , horror of horrors! Did you guys hear him/it in "indra?"; Yuck. Blech.

Kamal was completely contrived in Kuruthipunal I thought. I acknowledge his superior acting skills but its high time he dropped the faux American accent culled no doubt from watching numerous B-grade Hollywood flicks. When he lapses into this strange affectation , he is totally incomprehensible, not to mention extremely trying on the nerves. Dolby Stereo or not KP gets Two thumbs Down from me.

And Pillayar drank Paal or didnt according to the depth of your faith

As Vairamithu said "Ada Sorrgame endralum Adhu Nammoorappola Varumaa?.

Meendum EeeKaditham anuppum varai Vanakkam, Nandri.