About Ramesh Mahadevan

By Rajan Parrikar

Mahadevan Ramesh was born in Madras, India, and spent his childhood there. He finished his undergraduate education at IIT-Kanpur and then obtained the PhD in Applied Physics from the Ohio State University. After a post-doctoral stint at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburg, he made Colorado his home and currently lives on the outskirts of exceedingly beautiful and salubrious environs of Boulder. Mahadevan Ramesh is very well known to the SCI-citizenry as a farceur extraordinaire and his humour-laden ruminations over the years have delighted thousands. Not well-known is the fact that he is an expert on the caprices and vagaries of the stock market and is known to download intricate fundae on innocent, unsuspecting, uninterested passers-by. Also, his incurable wanderlust has taken him to all the 50 Unites States. His interests are diverse and they range from Carnatic music theory to Illayaraja to fundae about Wall Street. A major heart operation in 1993 hasn't dampened this free spirit and he can be occasionally spotted jogging along the Front Range of the Rockies. It is suspected that he is a fitness fanatic like many other denizens of Boulder.