A Search Engine For Sites That Cannot Host CGI Scripts

A Brief History Version 2.0 [04-20-97]
Complete redesign of some of the portions. Now includes a web crawler to search. Searching algorithm has also changed. Version 1.05 [04-20-97]
Major changes. Complex (boolean and case sensitive) searches. Help. Version 1.04GNU [12-31-96]
Changed the copyright to GNU GPL - Copyleft. Version 1.04 [11-21-96]
Added the ability to searh (theoretically) any number of pages. Added a primitive HTML parser and fixed some silly bugs. Version 1.03
Added code that will pop-up the search engine in a new window. Also made cosmetic changes. Version 1.02
Added multithreading to the process of searching the pages. This makes the applet search faster. Also added some error recovery. Version 1.01
Mostly bug fixes.

Maintained by Sudhakar "Thaths" Chandrasekharan