A Search Engine For Sites That Cannot Host CGI Scripts

Frequently Asked Questions

I like what I am seeing. What files do I need to download?
Read the What To Get page for specific instrctions on what files to download. Then read the Installation Instructions for instructions on setting up ClientSearch on your web page.

Why is it version 2.0 and not version 1.06?
The latest version is a complete re-write of some of the protions. The whole design of the applet has changed. That is why I am numbering it 2.0 and not 1.06.

Could I ship ClientSearch with the HTML files in my CDROM?
Increasingly, people have been writing to me asking me whether they could use this applet to search HTML pages in a CD-ROM. ClientSearch does a good job when it searches about 25-50 files. As the number of files to be searched increases, the performance degrades. I suggest that you download the applet and modify the source to enable searching of an index of the files rather than the actual files. And remember that ClientSearch is distributed under the GNU Public License. You would have to re-distribute it under the same license.

I don't like <aspect foo> of ClientSearch. Could you develop a custom version for our company?
I work on ClientSearch because it is fun and (I like to believe that) it has been of use to a few people. If you are a company, I suggest that you talk to your inhouse java developer to find out how to modify ClientSearch for your particular needs. Remember that I distribute ClientSearch under the GNU Public License (GPL). Please re-distribute under the same. If you have made some great modifications of ClientSearch, I would appreciate it if you could email me so that I could include the modifications in the next version.

If you are an individual, and would like to request certain custom features, please email me. I cannot promise that I would develop a custom version. I will certainly try to keep your suggestions in mind while working on the next version.

I don't like the GNU Public License. Can I still use ClientSearch?
SearchIt is a commercially available applet that is similar to mine. If you are looking for an applet with guaranteed tech support I suggest that you take a look at it.

Which version of java is ClientSearch written in?
I am currently developing for Java 1.02. Java 1.1 is barely out and few browsers support it. Expect a version of ClientSearch for Java 1.1 in a few months.

Why can't I use your applet to search pages in other servers?
There are restrictions placed on applets because they are executable code that are downloaded from the web. These restrictions prevent applets like ClientSearch from being able to search servers other than the one from which it was downloaded. With signed applets, this restriction might be loosened.

I think that ClientSearch is the best thing since sliced bread. How can I help in the development of such applets?
Please inform other people about the free software such as this. Also, send me an email. I hate to develop for an non-existent audience. Only when people tell me that they are using clientSearch, do I have the enthusiasm to work further on such projects.
I just found a bug in ClientSearch. What do I do?
First look at the list of known bugs. If you find that there is no mention of the bug that you saw, please send me an email and I will include it in the list and try to fix it in the next relase.
Maintained by Sudhakar "Thaths" Chandrasekharan