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A Search Engine For Sites That Cannot Host CGI Scripts
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Not long ago I used to host my pages in my school's web server. Because of security restirctions I was not allowed to host cool goodies like CGI search scripts. All I could use was a generic HTML FORM to email script that the university provided. I heard from many of my friends that they were having similar problems with their sites. Many of the web hosting service providers don't let the users host their own CGI scripts.

When I moved my pages to this server I had the freedom of hosting my own CGI scripts. But I felt that something had to be done for all the amateur website developers and maintainers (who contribute so much to making the web a cooler place) who did not have the freedom to host their own site search engine. I thought about ways of solving this problem and it occured to me that these restrictions exist because the conventional search solutions were server based. If the solution was implemented on the client then the System Adminstrators would not have any security holes to plug and the developer can have her search engine that can be used to search her site.

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